• LONG STORY SHORTWhat defines me
    SHORT STORY LONG. Born in Dayton, OH, raised in Virginia Beach, VA, I am 35 year old army veteran who has taken a new passion in life – UX/ Web Design & 
    isn't so much about who I am (although 
    I am a lifelong learner of all things knowledge, but in particular, the human-computer interaction. It seems in this age, where we're headed, is all about our access
    it's equally important), but what drives 
    to information, how we interact with that information, and how that information interactions shape who we are. I truly believe in the value of brilliant user centered 
    me, what I am passionate about, and 
    design, and am currently doing all I can to be proficient in it. I feel this is only the beginning and to me that is very exciting. I look forward to learning everything UX.
    what gives my life its purpose.