Dayton, Ohio.

I humbly began my life in Dayton, Ohio, I lived here up until the 7th grade then I moved to Virginia Beach, VA. I enjoyed my learning experiences throughout Dayton's great elementary schools, where I was very involved with various sciences. Most of my immediate family still resides here.

Dayton, Ohio

Virginia Beach, VA

This is where I was raised from a teen to a man. I accumulated a diverse group of life-long friends in this laid back resort town. Living with a strict, military father was a challenge but built the character I have as an adult today. From here I joined the Army in 1998.

Virginia Beach, VA

Washington, DC.

Politics aside, I think Washington D.C. is in my top 5 of favorite cities in America. I lived in this area after getting out of the Army (I was stationed 45 mins north of D.C.). I enjoyed the architecture, cuisine, culture and night life of the capital. I met some of the most well-rounded and awesome people there, who are still friends of mine today. D.C. has a big place in my heart.

Washington DC

Oceanside, CA

This is where I currently reside. I've lived here for several years. I enjoy spending a lot of time at the Oceanside Pier, as well as playing poker in my free time at the local cardroom.

Oceanside, CA
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